Create Calendars Automatically in Illustrator (Kelso)

[Editor’s note: I have updated my Calendar script to version 5 on 17 February 2009. Magicien de calendrier, Kalender-Zauberer, Mago del calendario, 日历巫术师, カレンダーの魔法使い, Чудодей календара.

Get version 5 and read more about the changes and see new templates.

WARNING! The information below is OUT OF DATE! ]

[Editor’s note: Revised to add example 2009 Ai CS2 format files for download on 4 Dec. 2008.]

ai cs3 logoI was asked recently if I could automate the creation of calendars in Adobe Illustrator. It turns out there are a couple script for accomplishing this in InDesign (best is from sselberg), but only pre-built templates for Illustrator. If you need a new year, you’d have to search for a new template, which is lame. New script to the rescue! Thanks go to Joyce for this suggestion.

No, the script does not create the above calendar. Check out

Download version 3 of Calendar Script (33k). You will need version CS3 or CS4 of Illustrator.

Examples below for 2009.
Download Adobe Illustrator CS2 version of 2009 calendar. Use the script to build out the rest of the months.
12-up mini
| January.

To install new scripts you need to:

  • Quit Illustrator
  • Copy the files into the Illustrator application folder’s “Presets” » “Scripts” subfolder
  • After restarting Illustrator you can find the scripts in the menu “File” » “Scripts”;
  • TIP: You can create subfolders in the scripts folder to organize your scripts

View video demonstration of script (click to play, 9.3 megs):

There are several sizes of calendars:

  1. Wall calendar, large format boxed dates, 1 month fits on a page, sequential pages.
  2. Page calendar, 12 months fit on a letter sized page.
  3. Mini calendar, 12 months small enough to fit on a business card.
  4. Mini 1 month calendar that fits in a date square in a wall calendar.

Couple problems:

  1. Illustrator lacks tables, so we have to rely on tabs and other text-only options. If you want tables, use the InDesign script mentioned above.
  2. Start week on Monday or Sunday?
  3. Track holidays?
  4. JavaScript doesn’t track leap years for February days in month?!


  1. Create single month, full year, or range of months / years.
  2. Editable text
  3. Stylize via script font family, style, size, etc and change later via character style
  4. Option to put 6th week in 5th week line for wall-calendar style
  5. Multiple size defaults
  6. Multiple size calendars in single Illustrator document
  7. Have a GUI graphic user interface

Future Work:

  1. Use of tab stops. Now you have to redefine the paragraph style for the dayTabs.
  2. Colorize weekends, holidays
  3. Support holidays (absolute and relative)
  4. Moon phase icons?
  5. Draw day grid for wall-calendar size
  6. The • buttons for month and year are not working. They should take you to the current month / year.

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14 Responses to “Create Calendars Automatically in Illustrator (Kelso)”

  1. Hi and thanks for your reply when I subscribed to your rss.

    I just wanted to say this time that I found online a script that makes calendars in Illustrator. It works fine (CS4 too) but in a different manner than the one you are making here.

    If you digg, you will find few other scripts on that site:


  2. Of course I forgot to mention that your script works quite well so far. Love it.


  3. nathaniel says:

    Here is the English translation of the Russian site Sigurdur references: There are some original scripts there and links back to others by WR & etc.

    The Calendar Premaker script has some nice features and thumbs up for a GUI graphical user interface. It does to holidays and coloring weekends. The styling is most like my mini page 12 up styling.

    But the text is not very editable. If you want to customize the font size, spacing, etc. I think my script is better. But always good to have options (including better multi language support). Thanks for the information!

  4. Gary Spedding says:

    Got your script loaded and looked at the video. Does this only work in MAC? Do you need a Black background. No matter what I do nothing pastes into the field. Can you assist with more instructions please?

    Thanking you,


  5. nathaniel says:


    I assume you are on Windows? What version of Illustrator are you using? I develop on a Mac but all my scripts usually working fine cross platform. If there is an issue I’ll look into fixing it.

    Here are my steps for running the script:

    1. Have an Illustrator document open or create a new document
    2. Create or have a text frame in the document
    3. Select the text frame so it is active as an object. Not so you are entering text in it but so it’s outlines are highlighted and if you use the curser keys on your keyboard the text frame (area text) moves around.
    4. Run the script.
    5. After the script runs (you press Okay button in the dialog) then the text should populate into the selected text frame.

    What do you mean by black background? Are you getting white text?

  6. ree says:

    nath man..

    I am working on windows.. with cs2.. I did exactly the same with what you said..
    but when I opened script > calendar-v3 I got
    (error 8: synthax error
    line: 1

    do you think it’s just incompatible with windows!!

    Thanks for your help.. you rock)

  7. nathaniel says:

    Ree- Please note the script only works in CS3 or CS4. Earlier versions of Illustrator cannot read the binary version of the script. Sorry! You can get a trial version of this software here:

  8. nathaniel says:

    If you are on CS or CS2 (Mac and Windows) please use the Russian script “Calendar Premaker” located here:

    Direct download:

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  10. […] CS3 or CS4 of Illustrator. If you have CS or CS2, get a trial version of CS4 from Adobe. Also see post about version 3 of the Calendar […]

  11. […] of Illustrator. If you have CS or CS2, get a trial version of CS4 from Adobe. Also see posts about version 3 and version 4 of the Calendar […]

  12. jack parler says:

    I really liked your blog!

  13. Suzanne says:

    Can’t seem to use this. Not sure what I’m missing. Got the following error:

    Error 21: undefined is not an object.
    Line 3493
    – > dialogBox =

    Using a Mac and CS4.

    Any tips?

  14. Tuco says:

    Hello, your script is FANTASTIC, interface is great indeed!