KML to Shapefile File Conversion (Zonum)

[Editor’s note: Useful free tool for converting KML files to Shapefile for use in the GIS. Thanks Mary Kate!]

Republished from Zonum Solutions. Kml2shp file conversion

Need of transferring Google Earth Data to a GIS? Kml2shp transforms KML files into ESRI Shapefiles.

Download. Windows program. No Mac version.

The KML file could contain Points, Paths and Polygons. When creating SHP files the information is separated into thematic layers.

For each shapefile (shp), an attributes table (dbf) and index file (shx) are created.

The kml to shp conversion consists of three steps:

1) Open KML file
2) Choose Shape Type
3) Select output Shapefile name

Optionally, you can change from WGS84 to a local datum and from Lat/Lon to UTM.

Also, Kml2shp can export to AutoCAD (DXF) and GPS (GPX)

kml2Shp is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn’t need to be
installed, just unzip it and run it. contains the executable file (kml2shp.exe) and some bpl files. If you receive a message error about missing bpl files, come back here and get them.


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16 Responses to “KML to Shapefile File Conversion (Zonum)”

  1. ayed samia says:

    logiciel qui fait la convertion de kml to shp

  2. omer says:

    The link is not working ?

  3. Akash says:

    it is very needful to me to convert kml file to shape file..

  4. stev says:

    This link is not working

  5. anter says:


  6. TJ says:

    Yeah… don’t work.

  7. Hi all,

    We have a converter to convert Google Earth’s KML file to Shape file(kml2shp). This converter can convert any type of KML to the Shape file format as per the standards. With this converter, you get the advantage of having your own shape file for any area of the world thus relieving your need to search or purchase the Shape file . This converter proves to be a User Friendly one as its GUI is so simple that you don’t need to specify anything for conversion.

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    Best Regards
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  8. Dear sir,
    i want to know about conversion google data in shapefiles?

  9. binbaki says:

    it is helpful to create marine boundaries shape flles

  10. rafiq says:

    I like to know about this

  11. elena says:

    i wanna instak it in my computer and use it offline
    how can i do ?

  12. […] the .kml files) to GIS formats (.shp and the rest) through some tricks (visibles here and there), or using GvSIG to convert the kml […]

  13. Houshang says:

    Hello Kate,

    The link doesn’t work, once you click on the download, it goes online conversion. Even the link Nathaniel said it’s working now, it goes directly to online conversion. Can you please send me the sand alone tool.