District Taxi Fare Estimator

taxi yellow cabTaxi cabs in the District struck for the 2nd time on Monday to protest Mayor Fenty’s decision to switch from a zone-based fare structure to time-distance meters like those used in most every city across the land. Read the Post coverage of the strike here.

I published a Google Maps mashup in January (view at washingtonpost.com/taxifares/) that allows a consumer-focused price comparison between the two systems . Enter your own route or try a sample route. See the route plotted on a map and calculate your savings (or loss). The map markers can be repositioned interactively if you don’t know a street address but do know a location.

Initial results show around 2/3rds gaining a cheaper fare with the meters (to take effect in April, 2008) due just to the time-distance rates. Additional passengers will be free under the new system and rush hour charges cut (you’ll be charged a minute rate instead). I’ll post another entry here at some point detailing the technical programming backend to this graphic and more results.


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