MAP: Inauguration Day Commute (Kelso via Wash Post)

[Editor’s note: On Inauguration Day I maintained a live map plotting which parking garages were filling up, where metro trains were getting crowded, and tracking which areas of the National Mall people were flocking to or being blocked from. Information was filed both by staff reporters via a huge group email list and by tips email or texted in by readers. The map was updated around 50 times from 4 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Gene Thorp filled the afternoon shift. In a fast changing event, currency is important so we time-stamped all the data points. Next time I need a way for older entrees to fade off the map automatically.]

Republished from The Washington Post. Tuesday Jan. 20, 2009.

View real time congestion information for rail, bus, car, and walking access as reported by Washington Post staff, readers and government sources. View more inauguration maps in the Survival Guide.

Screenshot below. View original interactive version.

SOURCE: Staff reporting; INTERACTIVE by Nathaniel V. Kelso — The Washington Post

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