Every Block – Adrian Holovaty’s New Project

every block logoAdrian Holovaty’s new project is EveryBlock, where he and his team answers the question: “What’s happening in my neighborhood?” The website’s aim is to collect all of the news and civic goings-on that have happened recently in your city, and make it simple for you to keep track of news in particular areas. The site is a geographic filter — a “news feed” for your neighborhood, or, yes, even your block. So far only Chicago, San Francisco, and New York but more “coming soon”.

Adrian describes himself as a journalist and Web developer. He has developed award-winning Web applications for washingtonpost.com (I work for the print edition, he worked for the web edition), Lawrence.com and LJWorld.com and started EveryBlock after being awarded a two-year grant from the Knight Foundation. He’s one smart dude.

His 2005 project chicagocrime.org, developed with co-EveryBlocker Wilson, was one of the original Google Maps “mashups” — and eventually helped influence Google to open its mapping infrastructure for all to use.

Adrian co-created Django, a free, open-source development framework that makes it fast and easy for programmers to build Web sites. He co-wrote the Django Book in 2007. Source: Everyblock.com.

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