StatAttak T-Shirts

Care about Africa? Those winter blues got you down before the time-shift this weekend? Celebrate the depressing with a new line of t-shirts from StatAttack, a sub-brand of StolenShirts out of LA. They have Ts for Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Mozambique, and Zambia.

The company got the idea for the line after perusing NationMaster. After trying to spreed the word about Africa’s horrible stats to everyone they met, they quickly realized that telling people individually was gonna take too long, so they came up with the idea of StatAttak – a t-shirt line based on statistics that people should be aware of. This way people would become walking billboards for these stats, and they would help spread the word. The hope is that once you see these numbers, you can’t help but want to change them.

The shirts themselves are from American Apparel so the cloth quality should feel oh-so nice. Partial proceeds support good deeds in Africa. Here’s a detail off the Zambia shirt. Thanks Cindy.

stat attack tshirt example

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