A Magic Wand for Selecting Text in Adobe Illustrator (KELSO)

[Editor’s note: The beta expired so this is purely an extension of the testing period. No new feature.]

I have been developing a plugin / script for Adobe Illustrator to make it easier to select type in Illustrator by  attributes like font family, style, size, and fill color. I hope to release this as a commercial plugin for designers and cartographers late 2009? If you would like to beta test this plugin for me, please send me an email at nathaniel@kelsocartography.com or…

Download version 11d of Find and Replace Fonts Script (1.6m). Good thru summer 2009.

More information on this script available in this March 2009 post.

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One Response to “A Magic Wand for Selecting Text in Adobe Illustrator (KELSO)”

  1. Brian! says:

    If you were to make a version for After Effects, I would pay in a heart beat. I always have problems with getting a file with, say, Helvetica. Where I use the Font Folio 11, someone might not and that is enough to throw After Effects into a “font missing” replacing it with something else.

    I’d kill for a tool to walk through all the text layers in AE and swap out the fonts that the text thinks it is for one that I want it to be.