Adding Ads to Kelso’s Corner

Today, I introduce an image ad at the top of my blog. Am I going to make millions from this ad? Probably not. Will I find it annoying, yes. Will the new ad drive you away? Hopefully not. I’ve had text ads in my sidebar for 2 months now and I’ve made a whopping $10.91. At that rate I’ll get my first Google AdWords check in 2010 as they don’t even pay till you reach a minimum amount. Like the existing text ad, I’m curious to explore the intersection of journalism, niche publishing (blogging), and advertising. This blog consistently gets 1,000 page views a day. My goal with the ads remains to simply break even on hosting and promotion costs. As it stands, $10.91 doesn’t even buy a movie ticket in Washington, DC.

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4 Responses to “Adding Ads to Kelso’s Corner”

  1. You may want to explore cheaper hosting. For my own websites, I’ve been able to find a hosting company in my country (the Netherlands) that hosts my sites for 28 euros per year including domain registration. This means I don’t have to place any ads. On one of my sites, I’ve placed a Paypal donate-button and that generates enough income to pay for the bills. Another option is to join Amazon’s affiliate program. With a topic like yours, an Amazon aStore might be a nice addition to your site or you can place Amazon links to related books with your articles. You’ll get referral fees for each purchase your visitors make after landing on Amazon through your site, even if they end up buying different books than you recommended.

  2. The WebMacheter says:

    How many RSS suscribers do you have? you could also put some text ads in your feed, and make a little more money 😉

  3. A site I run as a hobby has gotten semi-stupidly popular, such that I had to increase the hosting level twice last year. And I was worse off in that it’s about [gasp!] guns. Really, historical information about someone that went out of business 20 years ago. But I cannot get anyone good to serve ads to my evil, evil site, and all the “related” services were awful.

    Ended up begging for donations and selling T-shirts. I have made enough to pay for hosting, which is nice, but I am not getting rich off my hobby. No one will mind, especially when it’s clear that you have to pay for all this out of your own pocket. I don’t think readers mind that much.

    Thanks for telling us all. (And I agree, add text ads to the feed; avoid graphics there if you can, though).

  4. DropAds says:


    I encourage you to drop the ads. I do visit from time to time, and would be willing to donate a few bucks (you could add a simple paypal button which would generate more than $10/month. Personally, I wouldn’t want any ads on my site unless I could control the content 100%.

    Many thanks for your posts and links. It is a nice legacy for you, and a legacy well deserved.

    Best wishes, your anonymous friend!