INTERACTIVE: In Search of Health-Care Reform (Kelso via Wash Post)

[Editor’s note: This panel-based audio narrative tracks the debate over reforming the United States health-care system, one of the most expensive in the world. The interactive was conceptualized in tandem with a large, full page print graphic and related article.]

Republished from The Washington Post. June 9, 2009

President Obama campaigned on promises to improve the nation’s health system. This summer, Congress will attempt to deliver on the pledge. Remaking a sector that represents one-fifth of the nation’s economy won’t be easy. Here’s a look at the present health system and its challenges, along with some of the solutions under consideration.

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SOURCES: Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of Management and Budget, Kaiser Family Foundation, Alliance for Health Reform, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Senate Finance Committee, Commonwealth Fund

Interactive by Karen Yourish, Laura Stanton, Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso, Sarah Lovenheim and Ceci Connolly — The Washington Post

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One Response to “INTERACTIVE: In Search of Health-Care Reform (Kelso via Wash Post)”

  1. Universal healthcare. More gov’t control. Increase taxes. Sure sounds like communism to me. From a line of Dr’s…we left Canada and moved to the USA for this very reason. Sure hope it never happens.