Geographic Shirts – Round 2

blue footed boobiesPreparing for Christmas I posted on geographically themed shirts (view that post). Visitors to the Galapagos will be familiar with the theme of the shirt at left from It’s barely office acceptable depending on the gender of the wearer and how “with it” your boss is.

Here are some other geographic finds perusing both (where most shirts are on blow-out sale prices for 2 more days!),, and Limited sizes on some. Click an image below to get the merchandise info.

denmarks the spot i hate boston  mexico usa beard  missouri loves company new mexico cleaner than regular mexico oklahoma kick your ass prague check it out   visit cuba  world explosion tshirt world pixel icons windy city salt chicago

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2 Responses to “Geographic Shirts – Round 2”

  1. Aly says:

    How funny that you mention Threadless. I just bought two shirts there over the weekend. Their sales are definitely THE best time to buy!

    Have you been to their retail store in Chicago? Small store and a pretty limited selection, but they pull it off really well — there are even television screens above each display that scroll photos / user comments about each design in stock.

  2. kelsonv says:

    Those two shirts are awesome! I wish the stat city was still available in my size.