Gene Therapy for Color Blindness (Cal Academy of Sciences)

[Editor’s note: Color blindness affects a significant portion of the male population and impacts design decisions. Bernhard Jenny and I developed the Color Oracle software for Mac, Windows, and Linux to help designers muddle thru. Now gene therapy may offer a “cure” for the condition, as this video from the California Academy of Sciences explains. Thanks Tom!]

Republished from the Science in Action from the California Academy of Sciences.

Gene therapy has proven to cure color blindness in squirrel monkeys— can the same process work for humans?

We’ve been tracking a lot of vision stories lately… What have you found?

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2 Responses to “Gene Therapy for Color Blindness (Cal Academy of Sciences)”

  1. yogahz says:

    I just read a book called “Fixing My Gaze” by Susan R. Barry. She was born with crossed eyes and had surgeries to partially fix that, but her brain never combined eye input to create stereovision. So although she saw through both eyes the images were never brought together, she saw in 2-D and used location and perspective clues to decide if something was in front and close or in back and far away.

    Then, as an adult through vision exercises she was able to see in 3-D. She is a neuroscientist herself so is able to explain how vision works.

    How this relates to maps? After trying some of the simple exercises in her book I was able for the first time to see the aero-triangulated stereopair photo in my GEOINT remote sensing book as 3-D!

  2. nathaniel says:

    @ Yogahz: Great story, thanks for sharing! Now you can enjoy all those “magic eye” hidden images as well 😉