NY Times Mashup – Housing Violations

I wrote last week about SoCali fire mashups and design lessons that could be learned. This NY Times mashup “Buildings with the most Violations” is a good example of what to do “right” (and they still squeeze in a horizontal ad on the page even with the larger graphic size).

Some nitpicks: I wish the map didn’t zoom in so far when the locations are accessed via the table listing on the right and there was a way to snap back to the full view (maybe a new “world” button ala ArcMap next to the (+) and (-) icons). Also would be nice if the database table headers could be clickable to set the sort on that column (with a 2nd click changing the order from ascending to descending). CSS styles could be applied to the “description” inside the text bubbles to add graphic hierarchy. Looks best in Firefox; the database scroll bar isn’t working in Safari.

NY Times Housing Violations Map

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