AAG Meetings – Visualization of Abstracts

Since the annual AAG meeting is coming up in Boston soon I present you this map (from alpoma.net via scimaps.org). Will Oscar Larson ever stop sending out email announcements for this event already!?

aag visualization of abstracts

This map is a visualization derived from more than 22,000 abstracts submitted to the Annual Meetings of the Association of American Geographers during a ten-year period from 1993 to 2002. The methodology is centered around the representation of each document as an n-dimensional vector of terms. These vectors are used to construct a neural network model of the geographic knowledge domain using a Self-Organizing Map (SOM).And ?The Dips? catering dept St Thomas payday loans before releasing their. payday loans Were issued which to the river and. The company facilitates interest monthly payment from payday loans. The neural network model is then transformed into two types of information: (1) a landscape in which elevation indicates the degree to which a single, focused topic is addressed; and (2) multilevel text labels associated with regions in the visualization. The final rendering was executed in standard geographic information systems (GIS) software.

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