Script: Fit Text Frame to Content (Depth)

ai cs3 logoThis week will be focused on scripts. I have an entire page devoted to those I have created and promote a few others that I find useful to my day-to-day design and cartography work in Adobe Illustrator (go there), especially as a former Freehand user. These scripts extend Adobe Illustrator’s basic functionality thru a cross-platform JavaScript language.

I’ve updated my fitting script (today’s post) and Make Point Type, Find and Replace Graphics, and will unveil my Tag Cloud generating script.

Fit Text Frame to Content (Depth)

Version 2 Beta 1

Important Enhancements:

  1. The text object now remains on it’s parent layer in the same z-stacking order that it was found in. No more error alerts about locked layers.
  2. Expands the text box to fit overset type (before it only shrank the text box)
  3. Option to set how much “extra” buffer to include at the bottom of the box when it is fitted (measured in decimal lines automatically proportional to the type size)
  4. More intelligent about examining rectangular text boxes only (rotated text boxes still need attention)

Download script (3k file size). Installation instructions here.

Please give this script a whirl. Email me with bugs or feature enhancements.

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