DIVA on a Mac (DIVA-GIS)


[Editor’s note: Kinda like ArcView 3.x in power and GUI, but I got it to work and it’s kinda retro and avoids Parallels or equivalent virtualization software or Windows license.]

Republished from DIVA-GIS. Oct. 28, 2009.

It is now really easy to run DIVA-GIS on a Mac (OSX) with an Intel chip. This is because Mike Kronenberg has added DIVA to the the “predefined prefixes” in winebottler. Many thanks Mike! Also thanks to Jonathan Fresnedo for instigating this, and for showing me the result.

First download, install, and open winebottler. Then click on DIVA-GIS (under the predefined prefixes menu). That’s it!

If you do not want to use the predefined prefix (or if you wanted to install a different version of then the one available in winebottler), this is how Mike set it up:

  1. open WineBottler
  2. select the “Create custom prefix” from the sourcelist
  3. in the “Installer” section, find setup.exe
  4. in the “winetricks” section, select “mdac25” and “vcrun6”, this will install the missing libraries
  5. select “silent Install”, this will bring up less dialogs
  6. finally, Install.
  7. give it a good name.
  8. do not run is directly after installation
  9. after the installation, you’ll be asked to select the correct exe
  10. now, when the installer progrssbar is away, you can start it.

Jonathan also showed me another way to run DIVA on a mac. He had it installed under Parellels, a windows emulator for mac. Works great too, but it costs money as you need a license for parallels and for windows.

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2 Responses to “DIVA on a Mac (DIVA-GIS)”

  1. You can use Virtualbox to try the installation of DIVA-GIS in Mac. It’s a great virtualizacion software made by Sun that works really fine. Virtualbox is completely free.


  2. nathaniel says:

    I’ll check it out, tnx!