Freehand To Illustrator Experience

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Illustrator’s CS3 release makes it much easier for Macromedia Freehand users to transition over from-scratch and legacy artwork. But there are still a few bumps on the road.

Von Glitschka tells about his experience in his blog post: Switching from FreeHand to Illustrator.

His post was written after a year working in Illustrator and goes thru how he creates an example art file and shares a few useful plugins that bring some Freehand-style functionality to Adobe’s flagship vector ap. Von also has a few other cool illustration focused tutorials here.

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2 Responses to “Freehand To Illustrator Experience”

  1. Sweet. Looks like there’s even a little plug for Art Files in the post.

  2. So I sit here at the PDX airport, waiting to fly out to San Francisco and speak at the Adobe MAX Conference about “Working SmARTer” a session about using CS4 Illustrator.

    Part of my session will share my former diehard FreeHand past and the last three years has been a major shift for me in how I work moving from FreeHand to Illustrator. Adobe after reading my blog post you mention above brought me onto the CS4 beta team and I am happy to say that CS4 Illustrator has been greatly improved over CS3.

    Here are several features former or soon to be former FreeHand devotees will like to know about CS4.

    – Multi page document support
    – Masking work like FreeHand (Better actually)
    – Improved point controls (All though I still use CValley Software plugins)
    – Improved gradient control (On Object)
    – Blend from solid color to transparent (Just like Photoshop)

    The one feature still lacking in my opinion is “Sub Selection.” You still cannot select down through content as you could in FreeHand and this is a huge hassle and slows down build times big time. Needless to say I’ll be pushing for this to be fixed (Yes I said fixed because it’s broken functionality) but I am sure their marketing geeks will call it a “New Feature” instead? I look forward to helping out with the beta testing on CS5.

    All in all Adobe has really impressed me in terms of how responsive they have been to the users of Ai. I had 15+ good years with FreeHand but I look more forward to the future versions of Illustrator with a greater anticipation.