Twitter Updates for 2010-03-31

  • RT @maureenjennings single thing to improve #where20 conference sessions – announce/project next session in room at end of each session? #
  • RT @barbarahui: Kibera considered “forest” despite 1 million inhabitants. Project using OSM to map the slum. #where20 #
  • RT @geocommons: Want the Census Participation Data in a variety of #geo formats? #where20 #census #
  • RT @geoparadigm: BLDGBLOG: New Terrains From Cartographic Manipulation #maps #art #
  • RT @vicchi: New Geo Bloggage: Of building blocks, rosetta stones and geographic identifiers - #where20 #
  • Yahoo’s new Condordance converts between the namespaces of WOEIDs, ISO 3166, FIPS, INSEE, Geonames, JGDC, IATA and ICAO. #semanticweb #
  • RT @n8agrin: What is this grey disc stage right with orange and green lights? Brainwash device? #where20 #
  • RT @tobiassp: 55% of sms messages are “where are you?” projected 65bln in 2010 #where20 #
  • Maps as Place browswer, app platform, place of biz; social hub, mobile app says Michael Jones #Where20 #
  • RT @where20: A few Where 2.0 presentation slides are already up: #where20 #
  • It’s official! Indiemapper is launching April 12, 2010. Check out the intro video now at via @axismaps #
  • Golden hills of California looking mighty green. #
  • RT @ericg: Notes on why Onion moved from Drupal 2 Django “reusable components across applications”; tagging back n forth. #
  • RT @flowingdata: Mapping the GitHub community #
  • RT @lesewesen: Lovely. The difference between Nerd, Dork and Geek explained by a Venn Diagram. Very much on the money. #
  • DC humor from Washington Post, annual Easter “peeps” show contest, now with lame iPhone app! #
  • Fast 3g? Hello sf bay area. #att #fail #where20 #
  • RT @geocommons: Finder! example data about cities that allow/disallow chickens #where20 #
  • RT @ridethecity: Sign up to test Ride the City – SF! #
  • RT @DiAnnEisnor: so great @fekaylius you will love this #where20 go stamen! #
  • RT @GeoEntelechy: smart data structures and dumb code work better than the other way around #where20 #

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3 Responses to “Twitter Updates for 2010-03-31”

  1. Preston says:

    Please consider pushing your twitter updates on a separate feed.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    I’ve been leaning that direction. Tnx for the input.

  3. Eric Meyer says:

    Yea, this is a little too much for us non-twitters. Consider an opt-in (or filter) for the twitter updates.