Meet Alberto Cuadra, new artist at The Washington Post


[Editor’s note: I’ll update on Where 2.0 soon, but first I have a new colleague at The Washington Post. Alberto Cuadra is an impressive 3d artist coming to us from the Houston Chronicle. More from the announcement below and check out his portfolio. I have also turned off the daily Twitter blog cross-posts, you can follow me at @kelsosCorner for more frequent updates and previews.]

Alberto will be taking on a new kind of role for Washington Post graphics. He will be tasked with reporting and telling visual stories about physical D.C. That means anything from a tour of the Capitol Visitors Center to a rendering of what the new White Flint is going to look like. He will work closely with the Local visual content team.

Alberto is uniquely qualified for this new role. He started his career as a reporter at Spain’s El Mundo and switched to graphics after the art department admired the sketches he delivered with graphics requests. He has since become one of the best 3D modelers in print journalism.

Check out Alberto’s portfolio . . .

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2 Responses to “Meet Alberto Cuadra, new artist at The Washington Post”

  1. You guys are lucky! Alberto is one of the best infographic artists of the world, but (more important) a great friend, colleague and all-around great guy. An excellent addition to the team. I’ll be looking forward his contributions to the Post graphic dept.

  2. Troy Oxford says:

    Alberto is a great guy and a talented artist. I always look forward to his graphics. Washington Post will have a killer combo with Todd Lindeman and Alberto on staff.