Phantasm CS – Script for Exporting Separations to PDF

phantasm cs logoI programmed up a little script for Nick over at Astute Graphics that works with his Phantasm CS Illustrator plugin.

(From Nick’s site) PhantasmSepsPDF allows users to quickly and easily generate pre-separated PDF files. By using the PDF layers feature, these files allow users of even the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (download here) to view any combination of inks used in a document. There are many options to customize the script (open it with a text editor).

By using this approach, the following benefits may be gained:

  • The script is free and is very simply to operate; a few clicks and you’re there!
  • It is possible to provide customers with artwork where they may view any combination of ink used in the document (separations) without the need for Adobe Acrobat.
  • By default, Adobe Acrobat and the free Reader version do not display overprints correctly. Pre-separated artwork using Phantasm CS Studio removes this issue, ensuring that your customer will see all technical aspects correctly.
  • The output mimics final printed output very well. Transparencies are flattened where necessary, but leaving as many vector objects in-tact as possible, allowing zooming-in on detail.
  • The original artwork is not immediately accessible, further securing your ownership.

Continue reading and download the script . . .

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