California’s Proposed High-Speed Train System

cal train logoThe official site of California’s proposed 800-mile high-speed train system has posted a Flash-based interactive map with videos visualizations and Trip Stats indicating the total distance between legs and how much the trip would take, cost, and how much greenhouse gas (CO2) would be saved (see screenshot below, interact with the Flash map here and the Google Maps version here).

Travel on the high-speed rail link would be significantly faster than by car from southern California to northern (3 hour trip at speeds up to 220 miles per hour) and reduce crowding in the states airports.

This November’s ballot will include a $9.9 billion bond for the initial construction phase ($40 billion total). Building out freeways and airport capacity would cost up to $82 billion. The rail system is expected to run at a profit and not require operating subsidies. It is also expected to jump-start smart urban growth around each of the new rail stations.

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cal train map

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2 Responses to “California’s Proposed High-Speed Train System”

  1. Wow. I could really use this today.

  2. Rafael says:

    Too bad Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev) is pressing ahead with plans for an incompatible maglev gadgetbahn from Las Vegas to Primm, with a view to extending it as far as Anaheim via the Cajon Pass. Moreover, he wants to spend $4 billion on a new airport between Jean and Primm to relieve congestion at McCurran.

    With the price of oil shooting through the roof, it would make MUCH more sense to construct a spur off the California network. About 30% of all flights into and out of Las Vegas are to airports serving cities that will also be served by high speed rail. The spur, indeed the whole network, could easily be powered using only renewable solar thermal and hydro power from Nevada.

    Without any intermediate stops and a sufficiently straight alignment, it would only take 2:00 hours to get from LA to Las Vegas, 3:00 from Silicon Valley or Sacramento and al little longer from SF or San Diego.

    See this Google map for details: