New City Landscapes – Interactive Tweetography Maps (UrbanTick)


[Editor’s note: Series of maps showing twitter tweet density in New York, London, Paris and Munich (some but not all tweets are tagged with geographic coordinates) with hypsometric tints, contours, and placenames (with some literary license). A little more refined than those San Francisco crime maps floating around earlier this month. Thanks Andy!]

Republished from @UrbanTick

Over the past few months we have been harvesting geospatial data from Twitter with the aim of creating a series of new city maps based on Twitter data. Via a radius of 30km around New York, London, Paris, Munich we have collated the number of Tweets and created our New City Landscape Maps.

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One Response to “New City Landscapes – Interactive Tweetography Maps (UrbanTick)”

  1. mg says:

    This is clever but the symbology is over stylized to the point of making it distracting and is a green to tan ramp the best color scheme for tweet density?