Mashup Roundup – Dec. 2007

GPlotter (v0.90)
Make Google Maps Easily

GPlotter is a Javascript object which provides a simple interface to plot markers onto Google Maps using a simple XML file.I’d like to see this tool generalized into a web form where I input up to 25 addresses and can see them plotted onto the Google map mashups. It’s “open source” so shouldn’t be too difficult for someone to make the mods.

It’d make my life easier since I’m often plotting a couple addresses at a time and I could do it in batch mode instead of manually typing them 1-by-1 into the normal Google maps interface.Having a unified tool would also plot the points in relation to each other with helps understand their distribution and anticipate which map database I need to use to create a custom map for publication.

UPDATE (11 Dec) -  There is a Yahoo maps based solution that does just that called Batch Geocode. Check it out.

UPDATE (18 Dec) – Here’s another neat mashup creator called Power Map for Google Maps. 

gplotter pic

More than one map

Every wonder how to put multiple mashups on one page? Say a detail map of a city and locator map showing where that city is in a state or country? We often do this in the newspaper, but I’ve never seen it done online with a mashup. This page does just that:

General: It’s Monday, how can I surf away the day? entry

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