Negative Equity Rates: How Does Your Neighborhood Fare? (Zillow)

[Editor’s note: Where are home loans underwater? A thing I made at Stamen with Zillow is live, view your zipcode’s status on our interactive map! We’re using a UTFGrid to power the interactivity with new backend technology via Mapnik 2 and TileStache and frontend Leaflet.js map library to tie it all together over a Bing basemap. The assets were all statically generated and cached on S3 with a content distribution network in front of it. The piece has received coverage in the Wall Street Journal and other publications.]

Republished from Zillow.

Today Zillow made waves by becoming the most broad and accurate public source of negative equity information. We’re now able to tell, down to the ZIP code level, what the rate of negative equity is, how far underwater homeowners are, and the delinquency rate of underwater homeowners.

To make this data available to each and every one of you, we’ve worked with Stamen Design to create an interactive tool to allow you to explore the rates of negative equity in your local area. Just enter in your county, city, or ZIP code to narrow into your area. Click on the image below to enter the interactive map.

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