A Magic Wand for Selecting Text in Adobe Illustrator

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I’ll be showing off my new script / plugin (here, in beta testing) for Adobe Illustrator this Tuesday in DC at the MiniMax conference (June 17th at 8PM ET) at the Lafayette Room at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Washington. I hope to release this as a commercial plugin for designers and cartographers this summer.

What is this tool and why would you use it?

  1. A magic wand for clicking on text and selecting like-styled text
  2. A non-modal eye dropper tool for copying font attributes and pasting them onto other text objects without directly eye dropping (like Freehand’s copy and past attributes).
  3. Menu items for Select > Type > Same font, same style, same size, same font color, overprinting, etc
  4. A pro version of the Find Fonts dialog already in Illustrator that does find / replacing in locked and hidden layers.

Example uses:

  • Selection:
    • Find all other type objects with same font
    • Find all other type objects with same type size
    • Find all other type objects with same character fill color
  • Applying / creating character styles:
    • Cartographer: ArcMap text imported to Illustrator >> have plugin apply matching style or create new styles that match each of the implicate styles
    • Designer: Quickly comp out a design and select all matching text with certain font attributes with the new Text magic wand tool and make them styles. Great for deadline projects.
  • Find and Replace fonts on hidden and locked layers

I have some videos that show the tool in action here.

MiniMAX 8 is a series of 15 minute tutorials provided by some of the best experts in the web, print, broadcast and interactive design and development community in the Greater Washington DC and Capitol Region area and across North America. Expect to see sessions on ColdFusion, Flash, After Effects, AIR, Flex, Photoshop, Dreamweaver as well as other Adobe related applications mixed in for good pleasure. Attendance is free but preregistration is required.

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    Nice find.I’ll check it out!