Intern 2008 – Zachary Forest Johnson

This week I got word from my bosses that Zachary Forest Johnson will be our summer intern in 2008 here at The Washington Post. You can see some of his work and check out his blog at

Adapted from his bio: Zachary is a cartographer specializing in online maps and information visualizations. He is in the second year of a M.S. program in Cartography and GIS at the U of Wisconsin with advisor Mark Harrower. In a previous life, he studied Political Science (gaining a BA from the U of Arkansas and a MA from the U of Wisconsin). His other passions include running, politics, typography, and gin and tonics.

One of his projects at Madison has been AshMap, a Flash-based mashup slicing and dicing the time-space continuum for Asthma incidents, which I saw presented earlier this year in St. Louis at the NACIS mapping convention:

asthma map screen shot

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