Cartography Carols – Xmas Gift Guide


Ork Posters has some neat “artsy” neighborhood maps of several major metros. Not quite like the DC t-shirt available from Mustardseed in Bethesda, but…

sf poster


Threadless and NoiseBot both have some good (if not amusing) offerings… click each for direct link.

cowboys and indians kazahkstan shirt idaho shirt missouri shirt

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3 Responses to “Cartography Carols – Xmas Gift Guide”

  1. katzmoye says:

    I just purchased some cute homemade tree ornaments made out of shredded maps. I’ll have to get a photo for you. 🙂

  2. Aly says:

    I adore those Ork city posters. I’m *this* close to getting a Chicago one for the husband.

  3. […] for Christmas I posted on geographically themed shirts (view that post). Visitors to the Galapagos will be familiar with […]