Using Google Maps in Flash Without Flex (Ideaography)

Republished from Ideaography.  July 19th, 2008

I was excited at first when I heard the news that google had released an googlemaps api for flash/flex, but found out it was a little misleading since the flash sdk is only supported through flex. Problem for me is,  all of my projects as purely flash based without the need of the flex framework.

After and hour or so of searching, I finally found a version through the “google maps api for flash” google groups at (grab the latest file, at the moment its 1.5) that can be used in the flash development environment.

Before it can be used, you need to copy it to the “Adobe Flash CS3 – en – Configuration – Components” directory under the flash cs3 folder on your hard drive. [Editor’s note: You must have at least version CS3 to use this component.]

To use it, open the components panel in flash and drag the googlemaps component to the library and not the stage. From there, just import the classes and methods you need as outlined in the google maps  documentation.

Also remember in order to get it working, you need to Sign up for a Google Maps API Key and replace the apiKey variable in the example below.

Google maps example in flash – Here’s a very simple example of how to embed googlemaps using the method above.

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