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ideaography logoReprinted from Ideaography, first published January 27, 2008.

Don’t you hate it when you’re working on a flash project and hit a brickwall with a certain issue you just can’t seem to fix?

I know I’ve been in the situation many of times, especially when I was working as the sole flash designer/coder at my previous company, and most of the times I could find the answer by either trolling through the many flash forums I visit or creating a new thread when the answer is not available in an existing thread.

So here are the top flash forums around in no particular order and some statistics to give you an idea of the amount of content that’s available. The stat’s were taken around a day or so ago so the figures might have changed since then.

kirupaForum –

Currently Active Users: 237 (19 members and 218 guests)
Threads: 246,609, Posts: 1,938,884, Members: 101,559 –

Currently Active Users: 612 (9 members and 603 guests)
Threads: 149,950, Posts: 678,229, Members: 64,411, Active Members: 5,943

Flashkit forum –

Currently Active Users: 361 (14 members and 347 guests)
Threads: 657,112, Posts: 3,393,596, Members: 608,654

Sephiroth’s forums –

Currently Active Users: 147 (0 members and 147 guests)
Threads: 9,031, Posts: 30,783, Members: 20,696, Active Members: 579

flashdevils –

Number of Active Users Today: 41
Members: 21,586, Threads: 8,492, Posts: 45,949

gotoAndLearn –

9 users online :: 2 registered, 0 hidden and 7 guests
Total posts 75025 • Total topics 13483 • Total members 5765

Adobe Flash Support Forums

no real stats on members and guests
Threads:over 150000 threads

Ultrashock forums –

Currently Active Users: 66 (5 members and 61 guests)
threads: 87,511, posts:669,642, Members:229,229

Other Forums and Forum Etiquette

Out of the forums I mentioned above, I mainly visit Kirupa and as they probably have the most active users of them all, helping most in need. Sephiroth is one of the main contributors in the forums as well as having his own forum, so keep a look out for him if possible.

Also there a number of design forums around like Australian Infront and designers talk that have active members of the flash community always willing to lend a hand. Keep in mind it might a good idea to find one that’s in your local time zone if asking for help on something urgent.

A couple of things to remember though before starting a new thread in one of these forums are:

  • Always make sure that you have thoroughly searched through the forum on your issue before starting a new thread, as starting a new thread on a topic that’s already been covered a million times will make the natives angry.
  • Don’t demand help, ask as nicely as possibly if someone can help you with your issue.
  • Try to explain your issue in as much detail as possible. People would be able to provide assistance with a 2 line description.
  • If possible, provide the fla with the problem that your working. This shows people that you have at least attempted to solve the issue on your own.
  • Don’t ask people to create a solution for your issue unless your going to offer them compensation for their efforts.

That’s all I can think of for now, I hope this helped some people out there looking for help.

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