NY Times – Naming Names (Presidential Campaign 2008)

ny times naming names campaign presidential 2008

This NY Times graphic shows how often the presidential candidates reference each other (Naming Names). There is some mouseOver Flash effects as each candidate’s name is highlighted. What interests me is the link lines between candidates. The “paired location” links were generated out of a gnome visualization program called Circos. From their website:

Circos uses a circular composition of ideograms to mitigate the fact that some data, like combinations of intra- and inter-chromosomal relationships are very difficult to organize when the underlying ideograms are arranged as lines. In many cases, it is impossible to keep the relationship lines from crossing other structures and this deteriorates the effectiveness of the graphic.

Graphic brought to you by Jonathan Corum and Farhana Hossain. Disclosure: Farhana and I once worked together at The Washington Post.

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