The Words They Used (NY Times)

[Editor’s note: Continuing my blogging catch-up, this graphic from the NY Times on Sept. 4th integrates graduated circles with tag clouds (word clouds) that also include frequency numbers. This approach takes up more space, but I think makes it more readable. Below the main “cloud” is a breakdown by speaker with columns with tags and another set of mini graduated circles in rows. Important to note: this is rate per 25,000 words spoken, not the actual frequencies.

Seeing this graphic again and thinking of the first Presidential debate between Obama and McCain last week, I am reminded that these tag clouds are only appropriate when the content sample is large / long enough to allow themes to manifest and that categories can be just as appropriate as individual key words.]

The words that speakers used at the two political conventions show the themes that the parties have highlighted. Republican speakers have talked about reform and character far more frequently than the Democrats. And Republicans were more likely to talk about businesses and taxes, while Democrats were more likely to mention jobs or the economy.

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Graphic by MATTHEW ERICSON/The New York Times.

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2 Responses to “The Words They Used (NY Times)”

  1. Bob says:

    Nice graphic. Updates? I guess this post is more concerned with stylistic content than current information.

  2. David Lamb says:

    Love the graphics that you share on this site. I usually start looking at them and then realize a bunch of time has flown by as I’ve gotten lost studying them. I think it would be interesting to take those keywords and see how many times they appear in the same sentence, e.g. Senator McCain and Pres. Bush when Senator Obama speaks. Thanks for sharing your work.