7-Eleven’s Obama – McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map

I pass by a 7-Eleven on my commute and have wondered about the “Every Cup Counts” 7-Election ad for their coffee. Apparently you can choose a blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup to fill your morning Joe (no, not the plumber mentioned 21 times tonight in the last debate, but the liquid caffeine variety). So far Barack has a 18 point lead over McCain winning all but 3 of the listed states. A little bit different than many more “authoritative” polls but still fun :) Thanks to Jo and Geoff for passing the results of this “election” on to me. They saw it on Arjewtino.com. Thanks to Aly for the Joe statistic.

View the interactive with full “results” as mouseOvers in the Flash movie.

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One Response to “7-Eleven’s Obama – McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map”

  1. Arjewtino says:

    Now if only the rest of the country votes the way 7-11 consumers buy their Big Gulps, we’ll be all set.