Going West (Comic from XKCD)

Girl: I’m Sorry. The Google Maps team hired me.

Boy: But I can’t move to California!

Girl: Then I guess this is the end.

Boy: It can’t be! Listen… When I look deep into your eyes, I see a future for us.

Girl: Look deeper.

Boy: “We’re sorry but we don’t have imagery at this zoom level”? They… they have you already.

Republished from XKCD. A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Thanks Jo!

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2 Responses to “Going West (Comic from XKCD)”

  1. eli says:

    i hope you didn’t miss the rollover – it’s usually my favourite part of xkcd comics…

    ps. could you please send me the select text script again? i went to try it on my lappy yesterday, but it had expired?!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    The rollover for this comic is:
    “Listen, they request that you stop submitting a listing for your house labeled ‘WHERE YOU BROKE MY HEART’”

    I’ll post a new version of the Find / Replace Text script to the beta list on Monday. It will last thru December. Nice to meet you in person at NACIS! I scored a bunch of western wear on Saturday, too bad the stores weren’t downtown when we were looking Friday :\