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If You Click on the Google Ad More, I’ll Remove It Quicker

Monday, September 14th, 2009

If the last couple months of advertising via Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates has taught me anything, it’s that I made $0 with Amazon and around $20 / month with Google (on around 25,000 page views each month). Not exactly stellar. Especially considering Google doesn’t pay out till your account reaches $100. Interesting to think that Google might actually be making it’s billions by an accounting trick or two where they get to earn interest on my account credit balance for months (potentially years for some). Multiple by a couple million websites and it’s no wonder they are making out like bandits. The real money in the ad-supported business model seems revolve around actual high-value ad placement which usually requires an ad account rep. Something I’m not about to spring for, nor do I have extra time to act as. So help me remove the stupid banner ads by clicking on them (just once per reader, please). When my Google account reads $100, I’ll cash it out and remove the top image ad. Or you could buy me a beer via the “Donate” button 😉