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Where They Won (NY Times)

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

The Times featured this visual confection on their home page momentarily in the final throws of the primary last week. The map shows the 50 states and their 3,000+ counties in a small time series animation with a DNA sequence timeline above with darker bar indicating primary and/or caucus dates. The number of delegates for Obama and Clinton tallies automatically and the time slider can be scrubbed back and forth.

Iowa Caucuses – Graphics

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Part 1: How do the Democrats and Republicans “caucus” and what is the difference between that and a “primary”? This interactive graphic from The Des Moines Register explains.

How causeses work

Part 2:
Most maps of tonights elections results will be choropleth (by area). This is not always the best solution as equal looking areas do not in-fact represent equal number of voters / delegates. Read about another solution from’s Jonathan Corum called “Scaling Counties in a Checkerboard State“:

Scaling counties

Part 3: Iowa by the Numbers — I created this typographical map illustration for The Washington Post’s op-ed (opposite editorial, i.e. facing) page. Click image below for slightly larger view.

iowa by numbers