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SneakPeek Pro – Look inside Illustrator and FH files with QuickLook

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

sneak peek pro logoOne of the key new features of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is QuickLook. This features looks inside files and shows you the contents. So instead of seeing a big Ai icon in the preview, you would see the actual graphic contained in the file. The problem is, QuickLook doesn’t support some key file types. SneakPeek Pro fixes that (go to developer’s site).

This QuickLook plugin allows you to preview Illustrator, InDesign and EPS documents in the Finder, dialog boxes, cover flow, other applications. SneakPeek Pro also allows you to see fonts, images and colors used in many CS3 documents. It also supports looking inside Freehand files!

sneakpeekpro supported file types     

  • Quickly flip through your graphics files in Cover Flow
  • View list of fonts, images and swatches used in Quick Look (CS3)
  • See previews of graphics documents within any open dialog box
  • File previews magically appear on your Desktop and Finder windows
  • Illustrator files preview whether or not they’re saved with PDF compatibility
  • Intelligent parser uses embedded preview for large AI or EPS documents

sneakpeek pro screen grab