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Compare Your Neighborhood to Those In Other Cities (DCist)

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

[Editor’s note: Republished from who published on the 15th of October but the site was hit too hard then to promote.]


Gawker points out this new online tool from Homethinking that allows you to compare the neighborhoods of different U.S. cities. It’s a fine time-waster and a natural source of argument as to how accurate the comparisons are. Check out the D.C. to Brooklyn comparisons above — is Ledroit Park really more like Williamsburg than Shaw is? Probably not. It’s also not quite finished, it seems, since comparisons to Philadelphia yield entirely unhelpful results. Still, some of the comparisons are fun to sort through (the L.A. to Manhattan one is pretty good), even if some of them are just plain preposterous (Akron to St. Petersburg?).