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Yahoo Maps Now Shows Neighborhood Areas, Of Sorts

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

This entry reprinted from IMGoph, a cartographer and geography nut, using Washington, DC as an example, view original post on his blog. (Ed-This was picked up later by The Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro in his Faster Forward blog this week, view that post.) 

so check this out. yahoo maps has a new feature on the site. google maps has neighborhood labels on their city maps, but it looks like yahoo has decided to try to go them one better. they’re shading the neighborhoods in on their maps.

problem is, their choice of what makes a neighborhood and what doesn’t leaves a heck of a lot to be desired.

here are a couple of examples from the screen capture you can see to the right:

– lots of neighborhoods are missing. this map has no shaw, no eckington, no bloomingdale, no ledroit park.

– the neighborhoods they do label have grown to eat up a lot of these missing neighborhoods. edgewood has swallowed eckington, bloomingdale, stronghold, and truxton circle. off the map here, ivy city has swallowed trinidad, and you can see that logan circle has eaten up shaw. ledroit park is now part of “cardozo”, which not a lot of people use for the u street area, but i think it’s not a bad choice.

it’s a good start, yahoo, but you need to refine this before it’s really useful.

yahoo maps local neighborhood polygon fills