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Tutorial for ArcGIS web mapping API for JavaScript (ESRI)

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

[Editor’s note: This tutorial from ESRI walks the user thru a short project using the new ArcGIS web mapping API for Javascript.]

Republished from ESRI ArcUser magazine.
Winter 2009. View code snippits.
List of sites using ArcGIS API for Javascript.

Add a Map to a Web Page in Three Simple Steps
Getting started with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

By Bronwyn Agrios, ESRI Education Services

Giving a wider audience access to your geographic data and maps through a Web page is almost effortless when you embed a simple map into a new or existing Web site using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Although ArcGIS Server provides many methods for adding a spatial component to a Web site, the ArcGIS API for JavaScript lets you use ArcGIS Server services to build lightweight, high-performance, pure browser GIS applications. ArcGIS API for JavaScript is hosted by ESRI and free to use. There are no licensing or service fees associated with its use.

Use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript to embed a map or perform a task such as querying spatial data in your Web application. The best way to get started using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is to use the application samples and services provided by ESRI. If needed, you can modify these samples to include your own services and custom functionality in a mashup that incorporates multiple layers and functionalities in a single application.

This tutorial shows you how to access ArcGIS Online services through a simple Web application created using the JavaScript API. ArcGIS Online is a family of Web-based services and resources that lets you populate applications with base data hosted by ESRI and access tasks. In this exercise, you will be using only spatial content from ArcGIS Online in a JavaScript API application so you won’t even need to set up and maintain an installation of ArcGIS Server.

The Flagler County Property Appraiser Web site used the ArcGIS API for JavaScript to create an application that helps citizens find real property information including land, building, assessed, and taxable values.

Step 1

Embedding a Hosted Map in a New Web Page To create a Web page that contains an embedded map from a hosted service, you do not need to have ArcGIS Server installed or possess mapmaking or programming skills.

The following section will help familiarize you with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript samples on the ArcGIS Server Resource Center that you can use to create this page.

ArcGIS Resource Centers provide you with one-stop access to help resources, blogs, communities, and other information on all ArcGIS products. Navigate to and select ArcGIS Server or any other
products. To learn more about the available samples, you will make a local copy of some sample JavaScript code and make it available through a new hosted Web page using the following steps: