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New Feature: Cluster Your Map’s Markers (Click2Map)

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

[Editor’s note: I learned about this technology from Click2Map for selecting markers in Google maps using a building tool and grouping them together as 1 marker at certain zoom levels. I’m not sure it is the best solution… but I like that the functionality is there. Seems like there should also be a more general solution for auto aggregation and disaggregation based on zoom level. I have seen this at a few sites, including Every Block. There is a tip on this a the ESRI mapping center for more GIS focused folks.]

All content below from Click2Map press release . . .

The team of Click2Map is proud to officially launch a feature that tackles one of the major weaknesses of online maps: Crowded maps.

The experience of maps is often diminished when markers are concentrated in a specific location, therefore lapping over one another. Here at Click2Map, as some of you already know, we are dedicated to take Google Maps to a higher level of control for your various professional needs.

Hence the auto-cluster feature! The auto-cluster feature is an easy-to-use tool of our map editor that will enable you to create a unique marker for each area where markers are too densely concentrated. Visitors can simply click on this unique marker to unveil the list of markers it withholds.

Movie Stars in Hollywood
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The clustering tool enables you to laser-tune the display of your clustered markers based on 3 parameters:
- Clustering rate: the higher the rate, the more markers will be cluttered
- Minimum markers: indicates the number of markers necessary to start building a cluster
- Maximum zoom: indicates from which level of zoom markers won’t be clustered anymore

The video below shows the new auto-clustering tool in action for the Hollywood celebrities’ map we created for the occasion.

To conclude, here is why the auto-clustering tool is a big deal for us:
1. It tackles the problem of markers overlap.
2. It becomes a new productivity tool for power-mapbuilders looking for the perfect map design.
3. It is so easy to apply that even first-time mapbuilders can figure it out on the fly.

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Iraq Bombings Map

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

iraq big bombsMy colleagues at The Washington Post, Gene Thorp and Nelson Hsu, published an Iraq “Big Bombings” map recently using some Flash ActionScript code that I developed. The map allows you to track some of the deadliest attacks in Iraq since September 2006. Markers represent incidents in which 20 or more people were killed. Rolling over a marker will show that incident’s details.

The code behind the scenes is reading latitude and longitudes in decimal degrees and projecting the coordinates on-the-fly to the map’s Albers x-y space and scaling them to screen coordinates onto the base map. This makes updating the map’s thematic content a breeze since only the XML text file powering the thematic layer needs to be updated (the Flash base map doesn’t need to be regenerated).