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Unemployment rate by county (Kelso via Wash Post)

Monday, December 7th, 2009

[Editor’s note: Kudos to Kat Downs for wiring up this interactive, zoomable map of the United States showing unemployment rate by county. There’s a slider to see data back in time. I did the base map using my map generalization skills honed on Natural Earth. Using data that is appropriately generalized for the display scale cuts down on file size and reduces lag before data display.]

Republished from The Washington Post. Dec. 3, 2009

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics; GRAPHIC: Kat Downs, Mary Kate Cannistra and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso – The Washington Post, December 3, 2009

Wasting Away: The Squandering of D.C.’s AIDS Dollars (Wash Post)

Monday, October 19th, 2009


[Editor’s note: Great interactive map from Kat Downs and Mary Kate Cannistra at The Washington Post for our 3-part investigative series on the District’s widespread waste and mismanagement to overwhelm the city’s AIDS services. Map allows several ways for the user to group (all/active) and filter (amount of award, year of award, and funding source) their analysis of groups receiving city money and calls out the 6 groups highlighted in the series. A popup menu allows the user to jump alphabetically to the group name they already know rather than wading through the map.]

Republished from The Washington Post.

Between 2004 and 2008, the D.C. Department of Health awarded approximately $80 million in grants to about 90 specialized AIDS groups, which along with medical clinics make up the front lines in the District’s fight against the disease. But while some provided a critically needed lifeline to the sick, others were wracked by questionable spending, practices and services. During those five years, one in three dollars earmarked for local AIDS groups went to these troubled programs, a total of more than $25 million.

SOURCE: D.C. Department of Health HIV/AIDS Administration, D.C. Department of Health fact sheet, 2009
GRAPHIC: Kat Downs, Meg Smith, Debbie Cenziper, Lauren Keane and Mary Kate Cannistra

(screenshot above) Interact with the original at The Washington Post . . .

MAP: Obama Inauguration Ticket Holder Access (Wash Post)

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

[Editor’s note: This graphic in today’s Washington Post shows those lucky few with an inauguration ticket how to get to their seat in front of the U.S. Capitol Building next Tuesday. Tickets are required for the swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol. Entrance will be granted only at the screening gate indicated by the color-coded ticket. Map shows Screening Point (Metro Access ); Ticket Gate; and Entry Routes.]

Republished from The Washington Post.
Sunday, Jan. 11, 2009. Related blog post here.

I have a related post on the parade route, general seating, and vendors.

Only 240,000 people will have access to the ticketed and seating areas closest to the Capitol to watch the inauguration ceremony. Here’s a look at the ticket design and where ticket holders should go Jan. 20, 2009.

Click image for larger view.

You Should Know:

Orange, Blue and Silver Ticket Holders

Ticket holders in any of the south sections (orange and blue) or the Mall standing areas (silver) should enter through gates on the south side of the Capitol grounds. Due to the closures of Pennsylvania Avenue for the parade, those coming from the north can access the south side of the Capitol grounds in one of several ways:

From the east or northeast: Go around the Capitol to the east using 2nd Street NE/SE (or streets farther east) to reach C Street SE and walk west to the blue, orange or silver gates.

From the north or northwest: Use the 3rd Street tunnel, entrance at 3rd and D streets NW near the Labor Department,  to cross under Pennsylvania Avenue and the Mall. One side of the tunnel will be closed for pedestrian use. This is the only way to cross the Mall near the Capitol.

If you have a Silver ticket, because of changes since tickets were printed, the only access point is at Independence Avenue and 3rd Street SW.

Yellow and Purple Tickets
Ticket holders in the north sections (yellow and purple tickets) should enter on the north side of the Capitol grounds. Guests must follow routes that do not require crossing Pennsylvania Avenue.

From the south or southwest: Use the 3rd Street tunnel to cross under the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue. One side of the tunnel will be closed for pedestrian use; this is the only way to cross the Mall near the Capitol. Or, walk around the Capitol to the east using 2nd Street SE/NE (or streets farther east) to reach the north side of the Capitol grounds.

Metro riders should be aware that trains might not be able to stop at stations that are deemed to be overcrowded for safety reasons. If this happens, get off at the next possible stop and walk back toward your designated station.

*In case of overcrowding, alternative stops include L’Enfant Plaza to the west and Eastern Market to the east.

SOURCE: Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies


KML to Shapefile File Conversion (Zonum)

Friday, December 12th, 2008

[Editor’s note: Useful free tool for converting KML files to Shapefile for use in the GIS. Thanks Mary Kate!]

Republished from Zonum Solutions. Kml2shp file conversion

Need of transferring Google Earth Data to a GIS? Kml2shp transforms KML files into ESRI Shapefiles.

Download. Windows program. No Mac version.

The KML file could contain Points, Paths and Polygons. When creating SHP files the information is separated into thematic layers.

For each shapefile (shp), an attributes table (dbf) and index file (shx) are created.

The kml to shp conversion consists of three steps:

1) Open KML file
2) Choose Shape Type
3) Select output Shapefile name

Optionally, you can change from WGS84 to a local datum and from Lat/Lon to UTM.

Also, Kml2shp can export to AutoCAD (DXF) and GPS (GPX)

kml2Shp is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn’t need to be
installed, just unzip it and run it. contains the executable file (kml2shp.exe) and some bpl files. If you receive a message error about missing bpl files, come back here and get them.