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Transit on Thursday

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

nytimes dc taxi picThe New York Time’s Ariel Sabar has an article on today’s switch-over to time-distance meters for Washington DC cabs: Adopting Meters, Washington Ends Taxi Zone System. The first few graphs:

Over the objections of cabdrivers, the District of Columbia is set on Thursday to scrap its seven-decade-old method of calculating taxi fares. Conventional time-and-distance meters will replace a system based on geographic zones.

The District was the only major American city to base fares on how many zones a cab crossed. Many riders, particularly out-of-town visitors, found the system of 23 zones confusing. Critics said it was too easy for unscrupulous drivers to overcharge.

‘The riding public asked for a more transparent fare system, and the mayor responded,’ Leon J. Swain Jr., chairman of the Taxicab Commission, said in a phone interview. Continue reading . . . 

Back up in New York the Times also covers a revision to the subway map made by Massimo Vignelli for the May edition of Men’s Vogue.

ny metro map comparions

Returning to DC, the WMATA subway and bus authority considered expanding our own system after the Feds breathed new steam into the planned Silver Line from Falls Church to Dulles International Airport and beyond to Loudoun County, the fastest growing country in the US recent years.

dc metro 2030 view

DC Taxi Fare Switch to Meters Final June 1st?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

taxi yellow cabThe Washington Post reports today the District has won round 1 against the cab drivers in the battle over zones and meters in the nation’s capitol. 

(From The Washington Post) D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said today cabdrivers must install meters by the May 1 deadline or face $1,000 fines. 

Drivers who are caught without meters will receive a warning ticket for infractions from May 1 through May 31. They must then install a meter or the warning will convert to the $1,000 fine.

Beginning June 1, drivers without meters will receive the fines each time they are caught. Taxi inspectors will conduct spot checks and the police department will assist them. 

Fenty (D) won a significant court ruling yesterday in favor of his plan to require time-and-distance meters in all city cabs, while taxi drivers said they will continue their legal fight to keep the decades-old zone-fare system.  

Read the full story here…

I published a Google Maps mashup in January (view at that allows a consumer-focused price comparison between the two systems . Enter your own route or try a sample route. See the route plotted on a map and calculate your savings (or loss). The map markers can be repositioned interactively if you don’t know a street address but do know a location.