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Less Posts This Week, Dealing with Web Scam from Thrive Learning Institute

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Let this post be a warning to anyone that considers themselves internet savvy: Older adults need just as much online literacy and safety classes as young kids when they go online. According to NPR, internet scams are up double to triple last year. Beware and warn your loved ones!

A company called Thrive Learning Institute out of Utah contacted my mother last Sunday and got her to sign up for online eBay and drop-ship marketing scheme where people buy into the pyramid (my opinion) for several thousand to $30,000 depending on how susceptible to the BS they are. In my mother’s case she’s in for $15,200. The RipOffReport has over 100 reports on Thrive Learning and their biller, Summit Group, and this post at Midwest Journal Press is good and also this one at

The “learning” they offer is the same as what one can get at the local library or community college for a couple hundred dollars. Her credit card company (Wells Fargo) has not been helpful. I’ve contacted the IC3 FBI white collar crime unit, the US Postal Police, and the BBB to investigate. Read beyond the jump for more details.