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Somalia in Despair (National Geographic)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009


[Editor's note: This month's National Geographic Magazine looks at Somalia and other so-called failed states (map above). I sometimes wonder if Mogadishu should even be shown as a capital city under the circumstances. In the north, Somaliland is a full fledged break away country and Puntland, also in the north, is semi-autonomous from the south. The accompanying chart illustrating the 2009 Failed States Index is a great example grouping by region and then ranking (not pictured here).]

Republished from National Geographic Magazine.
Sept. 2009. By Marguerite B. Hunsiker and M. Brody Dittemore.

While peace largely reigns in northern Somaliland, militias are battling for control in the south, and pirates flourish along the coast of semi-autonomous Puntland in the northeast. Conflict and drought have triggered a humanitarian catastrophe–more than a million people have fled their homes; 3.5 million need emergency food aid. Yet the lack of security makes it harder than ever to deliver help.

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