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Hello world!

beta 0.6*
(barely for public consumption)

My name is Nathaniel Vaughn KELSO and I work at The Washington Post as a staff cartographer in their NewsArt department. I produce print graphics for daily publication and, lately, interactive graphics for our online site. You can see some of this work in the Interactive and Print links in the navigation bar.

Illustrator Scripts & Automation
Add Freehand-like abilities to your favorite design app.

Interactive Portfolio
1999; 2000; 2007-present
Flash & Google Mashups

Print Portfolio
1999 - present; A small sampling of my total work.
Look at my top picks in the "Best of" album

Please note: Large-format versions of my portfolio graphics
can be viewed by clicking on the small- and medium-sized
previews until the graphic fills the window.

Color Oracle and a few other useful goodies.

Custom Maps & Programming
Have a good idea, nead help implementing it?

Me, blabbering daily on maps, graphics, and interactives.

As last resort ;)

nvk @ dc // 18 march 2008