Shockwave Player for Mac (Adobe)

[Editor’s note: Back in 2000 I received 1st place in the interactive division, NACIS Student Web Mapping contest with my Annual Precipitation in California. This project was completed in my Advanced Cartography class at Humboldt State using Macromedia Director, the raster predecessor to Flash. Adobe has just released an update for their player web plugin that allows me to walk down memory lane on my Intel Mac.]

Republished from Adobe (1 | 2).

Download Shockwave Player 11 for Mac 10.4 and Windows.

Over 480 million Internet-enabled desktops have installed Adobe Shockwave Player in mature markets around the world. These people now have access to some of the best the Web has to offer – including dazzling 3D games and entertainment, interactive product demonstrations, and online learning applications. Shockwave Player displays Web content that has been created by Adobe (Macromedia) Director.

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