“Size By Luminance” a.k.a. Halftones!!! (Wundes)

[Editor’s note: This new script from John achieves that old fashioned halftone look found in ancient newspapers and magazines.]

Republished from John Wundes’ JS4AI blog.

Want to make halftones in illustrator?

You could go the auto trace route, or you could go with a plug-in from Phantasm. The Phantasm plug-in is powerful and gives you great control, so I do recommend using their product, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can try my new script which is easy, and free.

First off, if you don’t know about the “Mosaic Filter” in Illustrator, read this quick article. The Mosaic Filter is an amazingly under-used feature and it will do most of the heavy lifting for us today. Filter>Create>Object Mosaic

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One Response to ““Size By Luminance” a.k.a. Halftones!!! (Wundes)”

  1. Ancient? Everything print is still halftone. Long ago I’d simply shoot a printout and zoom in a lot. Still works with printers and scanning, pretty well actually.

    The effect can be nice to simulate on screen and the irregularity of machine processes can help.