One Response to “The GPS told me to do it (PerryGeo)”

  1. I think this is not “caveats in the meta-data” but something we need to work out in UI presentation. machine-era outputs are generally pretty good at expressing limits-of-precision. Digital-era outputs seem designed to kill people.

    One of my favorite examples is the temp readout during the TMI-2 accident. The digital readout says 280°. Hot, but not dangerous yet. But that’s the readout, which someone decided could work like a dial and just stop at off-scale-high. Without the dial telling you this, no one knew that it was not 280° but “off scale high” and therefore unknown-bad. Just make the digital readout like the mechanical dial and everyone is much more informed.

    I ranted about it a tad more at the blog I never update anymore here:

    There are, similarly, good ways to express position on a moving map display (though often ignored) but even then position is always numerically expressed to the meter or better. Which is wrong.