Introducing In Obama’s Words (Kelso via Wash Post)

[Editor’s note: The third in The Washington Post’s Obama accountability series, we now explore his key speeches with transcripts and videos tied in with their POTUS Tracker events. See trends in sum or by issue with our tag clouds and over time with charts. Credit goes to Wilson Andrews, Jackie Kazil, Nathaniel Kelso, Sarah Lovenheim, Ryan O’Neil, Paul Volpe, and Karen Yourish.]

Interact with the original at The Washington Post . . . Screenshot below.



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One Response to “Introducing In Obama’s Words (Kelso via Wash Post)”

  1. Seth Hamblin says:

    Great job on your POTUS Tracker. However, in a news context, I find tag clouds to be lacking unless they give a numerical count of word frequency and allow you to compare the count from one speech to the next. Am I overlooking this functionality in the POTUS Tracker?