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Presidential Watch – Map of the Political Blogosphere

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I’m on a topology kick so today’s “map” shows the links between 533 different websites and blogs focused on the 2008 presidential race (view site here). Produced by Linkfluence, this social graph theory based tool has both “map” and “trend” views. Each site is a node or “place” in the topology and anytime the sites reference each other or a candidate thru time a line or “edge” is drawn between the nodes.  I find it ironic that the “liberal” media is actually quite centrist when compared to the liberal and conservative sides of the topology. 

Where is the debate happening ? What are the hot topics on the agenda ? Who’s making the news ? Who are the online community leaders ? Here are very simple and comprehensive ways you can answer these questions. … Identify the true opinion hubs and shapers in the debate. (Presidential Watch 08).  

Here is the view: 

blog links

Here is a liberal view from

blog view daily kos

Here is a conservative view from 

blog links michelle malkin