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German TanDEM-X satellite seeks 3D view of Earth (BBC)

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


[Editor’s note: Second of a pair of new satellites, now operational, will build higher resolution (with more vertical precision) view of Earth than prior SRTM efforts (90m free, 30m restricted). Graphic shows the same area in different DEM (DTM) resolutions. The 12 meter pixel size of the new commercial project is global, but inconsistent with the 10 meter DEMs available in the United States. Thanks Thierry_G!]

Republished from the BBC.

The TanDEM-X satellite has blasted into orbit on a mission to acquire the most precise 3D map of the Earth’s surface. The German radar spacecraft will fly in formation with an identical platform called TerraSAR-X launched in 2007. Together, the pair will measure the variation in height across the globe to an accuracy of better than two metres. Their digital elevation model will have myriad uses, from helping military jets fly ultra low to showing relief workers where an earthquake’s damage is worst.

“Our aim is to generate a model at a resolution and a quality that doesn’t exist today,” explained Dr Vark Helfritz, from satellite image-processing company Infoterra GmbH. “This will be a truly seamless global product – not a patchwork of datasets that have been fitted together,” he told BBC News. TanDEM-X was carried into space atop a converted intercontinental ballistic missile from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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Weather Undgerground Gets in the Google Mashup Mood

Monday, March 10th, 2008

weather undgerground logoMy friend Curt has been encouraging me to create a mashup with radar, temperature, and other weather related features for the last few months. Come to find out Weather Underground now has these features on a Google Maps mashup! You can see Washington, DC in the screenshot below. Looks like airports get the “sunny” status icons where most other weather stations track temperature, some wind direction. There is a sidebar (not shown here) that lists all the stations alphabetically. When station names are mouseOver’d there the station will highlight on the map. When a storm passes thru, the map updates with the latest radar. Thanks Curt!

Find your local weather on the mashup…

weather undgerground screengrab dc